Microfluidics and Reactor Systems


Different ceramic integrated cooling structures

The geometric structuring of ceramic green sheets by punching, laser technology and embossing enables the integration of channels, reaction chambers and mixer structures in a monolithic ceramic body. This allows for the production of ceramic-based miniaturized chemical reactors. Besides the complete production line for LTCC/HTCC, Fraunhofer IKTS has the possibility for simulation (analytically, numerically) and constructive interpretation of the fluidic reactor structures. Ceramics offer a number of advantages for reactor systems because of their high temperature stability and chemical resistance. In addition micro-reactions can be precisely controlled by integrated heater structures and sensor elements (temperature, flow, pressure, pH ...).


Technical characteristics:


  • Integrated channel structures and cavities with structure widths from 40 micron to millimeter range,
  • Flow rate: a few µl/min to 100 ml/min (0.4 bar pressure difference),
  • Implementation of heaters, sensor elements and optical windows for stimulation or process monitoring.


Services offered:


  • Development of micromixers, evaporators and reactors for microfluidic applications,
  • Design and layout of customized solutions and
  • Manufacturing of Prototypes up to sample production.


Coolers for power electronics


Microfluidic reaction systems