Ceramic heater


Temperature and temperature change measurement with 1 mm thick LTCC-Heater (testing structure) by fast electrical measurement. (ScopeCorder DL 850 Yokogawa).

Heater and heating elements are essential in modern sensor technology. A wide field of application displays from measuring flow rate and fluid characteristics to pyrolytic cleaning of exhaust gas sensors. If high heating temperatures are required, harsh ambient conditions predominate or local accurately defined two- or three-dimensional temperature areas the goal are, then ceramic multilayertechnology has the necessary scope for realization.

Besides sensor technologies, there are other innovative application fields. Two-dimensional heating areas to span local accurately defined temperature fields (ring heater) are as well eligible by industries as individually controllable heating spots in a heating matrix (matrix heater). Integrated temperature sensors enable an accurate monitoring of the induced temperature.



Services offered:


  • R&D of multilayered ceramic heater defined by our customers,
  • Selection and characterization of suitable materials,
  • Elaboration and qualification of production processes,
  • Preparation of samples, characterization and technology transfer.


Ceramic IR emitter


LTCC-heaters in matrix configuration


LTCC-ring heater