Functional Carrier Systems and Layers


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Porous and dense extrudates.

Fraunhofer IKTS has available the complete technological line for manufacturing silicate and oxide ceramic products from the processing of raw materials to the finishing and packaging of work pieces. For developing and manufacturing these products, an extensive know-how exists, which makes it possible to develop materials and structures for complex and demanding processes, thereby accommodating the required operational criteria. Special emphasis is placed on the development of defined porous materials and the specific pore formation of ceramic materials with different pore structures. Numerous projects were conducted regarding the development of porous structures for all sorts of application fields and then transferred into industrial manufacturing.  


Services offered


  • Technology- and product-related studies and researches
  • Technology developments for manufacturing silicate and oxide products:
    • Process step "processing": wet and dry grinding, classification, granulation, slurry preparation, plastic bulk preparation
    • Process step "shaping": extrusion, granulation, dry pressing
    • Process step "thermal processes": climate drying, microwave drying, debinding, burning up to 1700 °C 
  • Scale-up of technologies
  • Sample, prototype and small-scale series manufacturing on the pilot-plant scale 
  • Technology transfer to industrial manufacturing
  • Technological services
  • Development of silicate and oxide ceramic materials with defined porous structures or with dense structures


Technical equipment


  • Laboratory and pilot-plant units for the processing, shaping and thermal treatment of silicate and oxide ceramic bulks
  • Measurement devices for the characterization of ceramic bulks, moldings and materials  


Examples and references


  • Technology development and transfer for the manufacturing of porous cordierite honeycombs
  • Technology development and transfer for the manufacturing of porous supports for inopor® filtration membranes
  • Technology development and transfer for the manufacturing of proppants 
  • Development of coarsely porous honeycomb filters made of cordierite

Current research

Thermally coated erosion protection layers for wire-wrapped sand screens

Current research

Seasonal heat storage system with bodies formed out of zeolites


Honeycomb ceramics


Thermal spraying