Catalyst and adsorbent supports


Catalysts and adsorbents are used in a variety of processes to reduce emissions in exhaust gases. They also play an important role in chemical process engineering. Ceramic catalysts and adsorbents or catalyst carriers are used as bulk beds (pellets, balls, specific shaped bodies), in the form of extruded honeycombs or open-cell foam ceramics. The latter offer particular advantages when high throughputs, low flow resistances, very good heat transfer and good cross-mixing of reaction media are required.

The Fraunhofer IKTS develops catalysts based on porous ceramic carrier structures such as foam ceramics or ceramic honeycombs. Optimized properties are achieved by coating the porous ceramics with selected adsorbents and/or catalytically active materials (e.g. zeolites, hexaaluminates, activated carbon, precious metals, transition metals). It is sufficient to apply thin layers on the substrate body to achieve comparable adsorption results or catalytic conversions as with bulk materials. Corresponding solutions have already been implemented for various applications in adsorption and catalysis.


Products and services offered


  • Development and modification of honeycombs and open cell foams as carrier material
  • Coating of highly porous substrates with selected catalysts and adsorbents
  • Development of alternative coating technologies
  • Characterization of adsorbent/catalyst carrier composites (flow-through behavior, strength, specific surface area, macro- and microstructure, chemical composition, thermal resistance)
  • Investigation of catalyst properties (TPD, TPR, TPO, soot oxidation activity, catalyst dispersion, catalytic activity, hydrothermal ageing, poisoning) on different synthesis gas test rigs
  • Evaluation of service life of catalysts on hot gas test benches


Technical equipment


  • Laboratory and pilot plants for coating honeycombs, filters and foam ceramics with catalysts and adsorbents


Examples and references


  • High-temperature stable catalyst and support system for methane lean gas combustion
  • Microwave-regenerable adsorbents (zeolites, activated carbon) with ceramic foam support
  • Microwave-heated catalyst supports and catalysts
  • Photocatalysts for wastewater treatment
  • Precious metal-free catalysts for the regeneration of diesel particulate filters
  • Post-mortem analysis of catalysts
  • Catalysts for exhaust gas purification in the cement industry
  • Adsorbents for biogas desulfurization
  • Catalyzed ceramic foam filter for wood burning stove
  • Hot gas filtration for the recovery of heavy metal-depleted ashes during sewage sludge incineration
  • Catalysts for ethanol fireplaces