CVD hard coatings


LPCVD laboratory system at IKTS

The machining of new materials such as high-strength cast iron and fiber composite materials increases the requirements for cutting and forming tools. Further demands result from the increasing use of dry and high speed cutting. This change of operating conditions requires a permanent improvement of both, the tool and the coating materials.
Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) is one of the most important basic technologies for the manufacturing of thin wear-resistant coatings. Fraunhofer IKTS works on the modification of established layer systems as well as on the development of new coatings.


Products and services offered


  • Preparation of well-known as well as new CVD coating systems based on TiN, TiCN, TiC, Al2O3, AlN, TiAlN, SiC and others
  • Modification of known coatings and development of new layer systems, process development
  • Prototype coatings for tests under industrial conditions
  • Boronizing/nitriding of hardmetals and steels
  • Complex layer characterization
  • Thermodynamic calculations of CVD systems


Technical equipment


  • Home-made LPCVD lab scale system


Examples and references


  • Development of a new aluminum-rich CVD-Ti1-xAlxN coating with 0.8 < x < 0,9
  • Boronizing of hardmetal tools for woodworking
  • Coating of porous materials