Hot isostatic pressing (HIP)


Hot isostatic press (HIP).

Focus of work

  • Post-HIP processes to completely consolidate already dense materials
  • Glass encapsulation technology
  • Monitoring und adjustment of the sintering atmosphere through selected process gases, kiln furniture and embedding powders
  • Process optimization regarding microstructure and properties
  • Technology development for transparent ceramics and highly dense materials
  • Cost assessment and feasibility study


Services offered


  • Research and technological services for HIP processes of already sintered ceramic and powder metallurgical components and composites
  • Microstructure optimization for different materials by post-HIP processes
  • Technology development based on customer requirements
  • Process design, upscaling and optimization of prototypes, small-series and batch production
  • Consultation for design and quality assurance of HIP processes


Technical equipment


Hot isostatic presses up to V = 30 l T = 2000°C p = 2000 bar N2, Ar