Field assisted sintering technology


The Field Assisted Sintering Technology (FAST) or the Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) combines a uniaxial Pressure System with the direct electric heating of a Pressmatrize through a pulsed continuous current. While sintering electric conductive powders, an additional current flow through the condensed sample volume is possible. This way Joul Heat accrues near or directly in the sintering good and must not be supplied from the outside by radiation or convection as it needs to be done when hot pressing.  This makes extremely fast heat rates and short dwell times possible which helps creating thick materials, diminish cycle time and increase productivity. In addition to this, new materials and material concepts can be realized which would not have been possible before. The facility can not only pressure impinge compress but also pressureless compress which can be used for sintering random shaped green bodies.


Services offered


  • Sintering of metallic or ceramic powders


Technical equipment


  • FAST-Facility up to 80 mm, Heat Rate up to 1000 K/min, T = 2400 °C, F = 250 kN