Focus of work

  • Debinding and pyrolysis of nitrides, carbides, silicides, borides, oxides and composites in suitable furnaces and under adjusted furnace atmospheres
  • Upscaling of debinding processes under consideration of thermophysical data and parameters
  • Design of debinding processes with respect to standards and norms (for example TA Luft, BetrSichV, EN1539)


Services offered


  • Research and technological services for binder release of ceramic and powder metallurgical components as a single process or in combination with a directly following prefiring and sintering process
  • Development and implementation of catalytic and solvent debinding processes as well as thermal post debinding
  • Technology development for debinding and prefiring including mechanical machining and sintering
  • Process design, upscaling and optimization of prototypes, small-series and batch production
  • Adjustment and optimization for different furnaces and processes
  • Consultation for design and quality assurance of debinding processess


Technical equipment


Debinding furnaces up to V = 1000 l T = 1200 °C p = 1 bar Air
Pyrolysis furnaces up to V = 500 l T = 2400 °C p = 10-8 to 1 bar Vac., N2, Ar, H2, CH4, CO
Gastight compartment dryer up to V = 60 l For catalytic debinding   N2
Solvent debinding up to V = 30 l T = 100 °C p = 1 bar Acetone, isopropanol, etc.