Energy Storage


Lithium-ion batteries

Efficient energy storage systems (lithium-ion, lithium-sulfur etc.) for different applications require tailored materials. A comprehensive understanding of electrochemical processes, which are the basis for energy storage concepts, are essential to develop these tailored materials. The electrochemistry working group at IKTS offers a wide range of electrochemical (charging and discharging processes, EIS, cyclovoltammetry, transient methods) and spectroscopic methods (FTIR, Raman spectroscopy) to investigate such electrochemical processes. Additionally, the working group combines electrochemical analyses with spectroscopic as well as temperature measurement methods. Besides the determination of technically relevant parameters (cell voltage, specific capacity, water content, cycle stability), mechanism-oriented analyses are used.




  • Gloveboxes, climate chamber (-40…120°C), multi-channel potentiostat (VMP3, Biologic)
  • Measurement cells (2 and 3 electrode arrangement) for electrochemical, thermal and spectro-electrochemical investigations
  • FTIR/Raman spectrometer

Services offered


  • Electrochemical characterization of electrode materials for lithium-ion batteries
  • Investigation of reaction processes
  • Determination of thermodynamic and kinetic parameters of electrode materials (diffusion, activation/reaction energies)