3D-microsystems in LTCC and HTCC


The multilayer-ceramic technology (MLC) provides excellent characteristics for the fabrication of packages, printed circuit boards as well as microsystems especially for applications in harsh environments. On the one hand, this technology offers an unrivaled ability to create functional structures by geometrical structuring and depositing functional films. On the other hand, the three dimensions of LTCC-components are not equal, due to the layer-based manufacturing. Whereas the x- and y-directions are unrestricted, the z-direction is limited in its dimension (max. 50 layers) and in the realizable forms (discretization of curves). Thus, the integration of functional components (e.g. antennas, heaters, Sensors and coils) in 3D-structures or surfaces is confined.


Functionalised high complex structures by combination with injection moldingFunctionalised high complex structures


Functionalised three-dimensional surfaces