Electrochemical Machining


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Uv/vis-analysis of dissolution products in the electrolyte simultaniously to the ECM process

The working group Electrochemistry deals with the electrochemical machining of metal-ceramic composite materials (cemented carbides), refractory metals (Ti, Ta), as and conventional metallic materials (Cu, Steel). 


Microstructure – electrochemical properties


A in-house developed electrochemical flow-through-cell in combination with optical microscopy allows the in-situ investigation of the anode surface during experiments under ECM conditions. Thereby, non-steady-state processes can be observed and a deep understanding of the anodic dissolution mechanisms under high current densities can be achieved. The influence of the crystallographic orientation of work pieces on the dissolution kinetic and surface patterning can be featured. Hence, the ECM process can be optimized for different materials.

Analysis of reaction products, also proceeds on-line, is realized by coupling electrochemical investigations with uv/vis-spectroscopy. Especially for ECM of multi-phase alloys this knowledge contributes to more homogenous machining results and improved surface quality.


Services offered


  • Machining of materials
  • Electrochemical investigations
  • Product analysis