Due to its flexible structurability, ceramic multilayer technology (LTCC) enables the integration of actuator elements. These can execute a movement, generate a force or perform mechanical work. The use of ceramics as actuator material offers various advantages such as high stiffness, temperature stability and media resistance or even biocompatibility as compared to steel or plastics. Compared to semiconductor-based manufacturing technologies, there is also the advantage that components of mesoscopic size can be produced at low cost. This means that the use of adapters or wiring carriers is not absolutely necessary. Ceramic valves for controlling fluid systems are one possible application. Using the ceramic multilayer technology of Fraunhofer IKTS, passive valves as well as actively controlled thermomechanical, piezoelectric or electrostatic valves can be manufactured.


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Normally closed valve in LTCC technology for controlling fluidic systems.
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Micrograph of an LTCC valve.


Passive ceramic valves