Electronics and Microsystems



  • Single- and multilayered substrates made from oxide and non-oxide ceramics (Al2O3, SiN, AlN)
  • Functional and electroceramics (dielectrics, piezoelectrics, resistors, magnetic materials, among others)
  • Polymer ceramics


  • Thick-film and multilayer technology (complete line for HTCC, LTCC)
  • Pastes, inks, ceramic green tapes
  • Feedstocks for polymer ceramics
  • Thin-film technology (thermal CVD, PECVD, thermal ALD, PVD, LPD)
  • Injection molding and casting technology
  • Microsurface and surface processing (laser embossing, microstamping)
  • Technology development and optimization, techniques for scaling to the pilot-plant scale

Systems integration, packaging technology

  • Packaging technology (bonding, soldering, joining, encapsulation)
  • Advanced packaging (3D integration, embedding)
  • Design and production of components and modules
  • Design and integration of sensor systems (eddy current, ultrasound, X-ray, and chemical and physical sensor technologies)
  • Structural integration of electronic components

Reliability of electronics

  • Compilation of materials data at various size scales
  • Material characterization and nanoanalytics (www.nanoanalytik.fraunhofer.de)
  • Clarification of degradation and failure mechanisms
  • Customer-specific test routines and micromechanical test engineering
  • Modeling and simulation at the material, component, and systems level
  • Design rules for reliable and robust components