About us

Guiding Principles of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft


Fraunhofer is the international leader of applied research.

As an innovation driver, we lead strategic initiatives to master future challenges and thus achieve technological breakthroughs.


Applied research is the foundation of our organization. We partner with companies to transform original ideas into innovations that benefit society and strengthen both the German and the European economy.

Our employees shape the future – in ambitious positions at Fraunhofer or in other areas of science and business. Fraunhofer therefore places great importance on their professional and personal development.

Our Guiding Principles

We live in an increasingly dynamic world. Technological cycles are getting ever shorter, lifestyles and requirement change dramatically. Needed are innovative solutions that add value for all stakeholders. Fraunhofer develops technologies and solutions to address these demands. With our guided principles we pave the way towards a successful future. Here we define, what we stand for, where we want to go and which values and principles guide us to jointly master current and future challenges.



  • Through our research we contribute to the sustainable development of an ecologically sound environment, and an economically successful and socially balanced world. We are strongly committed to this responsibility.
  • We promote a well-balanced combination of excellent research and application-oriented development. This unique characteristic motivates us and achieves added value for our partners.
  • We understand our clients and know their challenges of tomorrow. Together we develop integrated solutions for their long-term success.
  • We cooperate with the world's best in science and business. This strengthens our own innovative capacity and that of the German and European economy.
  • We emphasize the great variety and interdisciplinary cooperation of our institutes. Faithful collaboration and team work promote synergies and enhance our performance.
  • Our success relies on the knowledge and enthusiasm of our employees for applied research. Fraunhofer offers its staff excellent work conditions paired with a high degree of autonomy.