Green machining


Machining of green bodies.
Five axis cutting of a turbo loader.
5-axis cutting of a turbo loader

Green machining is considered as an alternative to the use of cost-intensive shaping tools. It covers the chip removal of advanced ceramics with a defined as well as an undefined cutting edge in the green state or the state after debindering and prefiring. The processing of isostatically pressed components allows it to produce quickly, flexibly and at low quantities economically. So a high dimensional accuracy of the sintered components can be achieved whereby the complexity of the finishing process is significantly reduced. The green machining process covers clamping and handling techniques suitable for ceramics, the application of ultra-hard high performance cutting materials as well as the consequent use of CNC basis programs. This is the method to manufacture ceramic prototypes.


Products and services offered


  • Production of components with a complex geometry up to the free-form surfaces made of Si3N4, Al2O3, SiC, Zr3O2, AlN and of other advanced ceramic materials
  • Development of economic machining methods
  • Processing of test specimen and samples with high tolerance and surface standards for material characterization
  • Production of prototypes in the context of component development
  • Formulation of application recommendations for ultra-hard cutting materials
  • Analysis of lifetime behavior of tools
  • Technology transfer
  • Preparation of expert reports