Thermodynamic modeling of sintering and corrosion processes


Phase development in a WC-Co system in dependence on the partial pressure ratio of methane and hydrogen.

Through „Thermodynamic Modeling “ predictions about correlations between materials and components with the Sintering Atmosphere and Phase Building during a thermal process are possible. The effect of interfacial reactions and corrosion effects under different requirements can also be estimated. On the base of thermodynamic calculations and the underlying models, for example strategies for optimal sintering regimes, for gradient materials or for corrosion-proof materials are inducible. Corresponding experiences exist especially for ceramic materials, borides and carbides.


Services offered


  • Calculation of phase equilibriums and concluding methods for manufacturing technology and material optimization
  • Development of strategies for optimal outgasing and sintering of materials and for achievement of local gradient characteristics
  • Development of data sets for thermal description of materials and carbides


Technical equipment


  • Computer programs and thermodynamic databases for description of relevant systems
  • Possibilities for proving predictions through modulation experiments and extensive processing and material analytics
  • Thermoanalytic base methods for estimation and naming of thermodynamic data