Radio frequency circuits


The substantial progress recently made in semiconductor technology (SiGe, CMOS, GaAs, etc.) allow a high integration for millimeter waves (mmW) circuits. This enables a multitude of applications in automotive technology (for example vehicle interval radar sensors), industry 4.0. (e.g. fluid level radar) or communication technology (5G-Network or satellite communication). In contrast the development of cost-efficient, reliable and miniaturized packages for mmW circuits makes a moderate progress.

For frequencies up to 100 GHz circuits based on special polymer substrates become established as cost-efficient and mass production-suitable packaging solution. However these materials show up with a lack of reliability in a harsh environments and a limited performance due to higher losses compared to high-quality materials as LTCC (Low Temperature Cofired Ceramics).

The basic approach of our group LTCC, HTCC and microsystems is to establish LTCC materials as a basic packaging solution for millimeter wave applications and antennas in order to develop reliable and miniaturized microelectronic RF-components. LTCC offers a high reliability, an ideal thermo-mechanical fit to semiconductors and the possibility of a hermetic seal. LTCC in combination with a new, high resolution structuring technology allow unique low loss characteristics above 100 GHz.

Services offered

  • Development of multilayer ceramic RF-components based on customer specific designs,
  • Selection and characterization of appropriate RF-materials,
  • Development and qualification of manufacturing processes and
  • Sample manufacturing, characterization and technology transfer.


LTCC millimeter wave circuits and packaging up to 100 GHz


LTCC millimeter wave circuits and packaging between 100 GHz and 300 GHz


LTCC antenna and packaging technologies from 100 GHz upwards