Mechanical and Automative Engineering

Ein Mann steht vor einem Hohlwellenintegriertes Überwachungssystem für Schienenfahrzeuge, hält ein Bestandteil davon in der Hand und ist dabei es zusammenzuführen.


Materials and component development

  • Application-oriented materials selection and development
  • Integrated ceramics design
  • Material, component and process simulation
  • Material, component and process characterization (aging and wear mechanisms)
  • Materials and component testing
  • Defect evaluation and failure analysis

Ceramic production

  • Sample, prototype, and small-scale serial production under customer-specific aspects
  • Proof of readiness for series production
  • Upscaling to industrial-scale production

Process monitoring and optimization

  • Developing of test and monitoring systems: from sensors to hardware/software, and ultimately to systems
  • Defect monitoring of machine parts subject to heavy loads (e.g. cracks, corrosion)
  • Autonomous sensor systems for machine calibration and optimization of plant operation
  • Product labeling for extreme process conditions
  • Wide selection of in-line and non-destructive test methods
  • Improved wear behavior and durability