Bio- and Medical Technology


Ceramic materials and surfaces

  • High-purity dense or porous bioceramics (Al2O3, ZrO2 (ATZ, ZTA, Y-TZP), Ca3(PO4)2 and HAP)
  • Open-cell ceramic foams and metal foams
  • Glass and glass ceramics (Li2Si2O5)
  • Oxide and non-oxide ceramics with targeted electrical, thermal, mechanical, and optical functionalities
  • Composites (polymer ceramics) and material composites (porous/dense, metal/ceramic)


  • Powder and slurry preparation
  • Casting, pressing and plastic shaping processes
  • Foaming and replication technologies for cellular structures
  • CAD/CAM line
  • Oxide ceramic semi-finished products (EN ISO 13485:2012-certified)
  • Plasma coating and sol-gel processes
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Thick-film and multilayer technology (complete line for HTCC, LTCC)
  • Thin-film technology (thermal CVD, PECVD, thermal ALD, PVD, LPD)
  • Microprocessing and surface processing
  • Biocompatible packaging and joining techniques
  • Design and construction of medical devices
  • Upscaling and technology transfer

Diagnostic and treatment systems, characterization

  • Bioelectrical, topography-based, acoustic and optical measurement systems
  • Biophysical characterization at the nano, micro and macro levels (TEM, SEM, AFM, AFAM, Raman)
  • In-vivo and in-vitro analysis and diagnostic systems (fluorescence-based tumor diagnostics, theranostics)
  • Sensor and actuator systems for the study of stimulation and suppression processes
  • Plasmonic sensor systems
  • Power transmission and communications systems
  • Laboratory diagnostics in S2 environment