Electrode Development


Slurry processing and strip plating for Li-ion batteries in the Battery Technology Application Center.
Production of bipolar electrode coated on both sides from LFP (cathode) and LTO (anode).

The Electrode Development working group represents the interface between material and process development, transferring new battery technologies from the lab into pilot production. It is therefore the connecting point between development in the lab and the client’s industrial production.

The team has extensive know-how in handling mixing, characterization, coating and drying technologies. To be able to cover the complete manufacturing chain for Li-ion batteries and their components, Fraunhofer IKTS operates an application center in cooperation with thyssenkrupp System Engineering. The machines of this center process material systems for battery electrodes at the pilot scale and manufacture innovative large-scale cell concepts, such as the bipolar EMBATT battery concept. Novel manufacturing concepts, such as hot and cold plastic tape extrusion for polymeric solid-state batteries, are also the focus of development. Furthermore, efforts focus on investigating the filling and forming behavior of porous lithium-ion electrodes, since these manufacturing steps have become significant time and cost factors in today’s cell production.

Services offered


  • Model-based electrode development and optimization according to client’s specification
  • Implementation of material and coating tests for electrode foils
  • Rheological sample characterization and moisture analysis
  • Investigation of the wetting behavior of electrodes during the forming process (see Optilyt)
  • Development, testing and optimization of integrated manufacturing concepts for battery production
  • Upscaling of lab processes and technology transfer in the dry room
  • Feasibility studies and consulting in the field of process scaling


Technical equipment


  • 300 m² dry room in the Battery Technology Application Center at the Pleißa site
  • Mixing units (dissolver, planetary mixer, kneader) for batch sizes up to 10 kg
  • Tapecaster (doctor blade, slot die) up to 300 mm wide, with drying line
  • Machines for cold and hot plastic flat tape extrusion
  • Drying machines (passive drying, contact drying, IR drying)
  • Moisture analysis using Karl Fischer titration
  • Air ultrasonic coat thickness measurement for the quality control of foils
  • Cell tester for the characterization of test cells

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Battery technology from lab to fab

Current research

Efficient design tools and coating processes for lithium-ion battery electrodes


Battery Technology Application Center


Electrode development


Electrolyte filling and formation of Li-ion cells


EMBATT bipolar battery