Precision grinding and lapping


Grinding is the most common method to effectively machine ceramic materials. Surface and cylindrical grinding play thereby an important role. Complicated or complex geometries are realized by jig grinding. Components with high standards in planeness, parallelism and surface roughness can be lapped or polished. Jig grinding as a high-precision machining method is sometimes the only possibility to remachine complex geometries and is also used for micro machining at IKTS.


Products and services offered


  • Complete machining of components and systems consisting of different materials
  • Internal and external cylindrical grinding on CNC machines
  • Surface grinding on CNC surface grinding machines
  • Jig grinding with multi-staged and autonomous process control with the highest precision in the μm range
  • Lapping and polishing of plane surfaces with a surface quality in the nm range (Ra)


Technical equipment


  • CNC surface and profile grinding machines
  • Jig grinding machine
  • CNC internal and external cylindrical grinding machines
  • Surface lapping and polishing machines
  • CNC abrasive cutting machines


Examples and references


  • Test specimens made of ceramics, carbide and other hard materials according to all current standards
  • Prototypes and components for mechanical engineering, medical engineering, microelectronics, vibration engineering, energy and environmental engineering