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The Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems IKTS conducts applied research on high-performance ceramics. The institute‘s three sites in Dresden and Hermsdorf (Thuringia), Germany, collectively represent Europe‘s largest R&D institute dedicated to the study of ceramics.

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Annual report 2015/2016

The annual report of Fraunhofer IKTS provides information and reports about our latest results of research.


The Fraunhofer IKTS is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 14001 and EN ISO 13485


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Dresden / Germany / 13.4.2016

Press release

Fraunhofer IKTS secures availability of LTCC tapes based on Heraeus formula

In future, tapes made of Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramics (LTCC) for the Heraeus series Heratape®CT 700 and CT 800 are cast for customer projects at the extended tape casting pilot plant at Fraunhofer IKTS in Hermsdorf, Germany.

Dresden / Germany / 7.4.2016

Press release

More options for personalized medicine

Researchers have developed a particulary flexible additive manufacturing method that allows them to produce bone implants, dentures, surgical tools, or microreactors in almost any conceivable design. At the Medtec medical technology tradeshow in Stuttgart, the scientists from Dresden will show their research results.

Dresden / Germany / 22.3.2016

Press release

Industrial product and component marking for extreme process conditions

Researchers at Fraunhofer IKTS developed a robust solution for the individual labeling of components and products. It withstands extreme environmental influences, can be applied within seconds and read-out reliably.

Dresden / Germany / 22.3.2016

Press release

Electricity from waste heat made possible by ceramics

Where conventional materials reach their limits, ceramics can display their excellent properties. Functional ceramics – so-called thermoelectric materials – can convert waste heat directly into electricity, for example, in high-temperature processes.

Dresden / Germany / 22.3.2016

Press release

Ceramics remain cool in continuous operation

Gear wheel, valve, seal – the performance of a plant depends on the resistance of the used components. Ceramic materials are known for their exceptional wear resistance. At Fraunhofer IKTS, users find the key to the competitive advantage.

Dresden / Germany / 3.3.2016

Press release

Sensor ring monitors welding seams –
a long-term EKG for wind turbines

Offshore wind turbines have to take a lot of punishment, and this is particularly true for their foundations, which are anchored in the seabed. In the future, periodically inspections will be faster and easier to carry out thanks to a new sensor ring.

Hannover / Germany / 25.–29.4.2016

Trade fair

Hannover Messe

The world's most important industry fair opens the gates and welcomes the USA as partner country for the first time. Visitors will see the entire world of production under one roof.

Stuttgart / Germany / 25.–29.4.2016

Trade fair

Control 2016

At the leading trade fair for quality assurance, IKTS shows the established ultrasound-based test solutions of the PCUS® pro series and, for the first time, the newly developed ultrasonic test system PCUS® pro Array II.

Beijing / China / 9.–12.5.2016

Trade fair


From May 9 to 12, 2016, AchemAsia 2016, one of the most important forums in the chemical industry, opens in Beijing. The 10th event of this series established itself as an effective platform for the process industry in one of the fastest growing markets in the world

São Paulo / Brazil / May 25, 2016


Ceramic Technologies for Power Generation and Energy Storage

With our workshop we intend to provide a platform for professional exchange and technical discussions in the field of materials research for advanced energy technologies.

Dresden / Germany / 21.–25.8.2016


ICC6 | 6th International Congress on Ceramics

The International Ceramic Federation (ICF) convenes the International Congress on Ceramics (ICC) every two years in cooperation with the ICF member societies.

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Fraunhofer IKTS: IKTSler Björn Schwarz (re.) erhält #Biogas-Innovationspreis in der Deutschen Bundesstiftung #Umwelt. Gratulation!

IKTSler Björn Schwarz (re.) erhält -Innovationspreis in der Deutschen Bundesstiftung . Gratulation!

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Fraunhofer IKTS: Wirtschafts- und Wissenschaftsminister @WTiefensee #Thüringen besucht unseren Stand @hannover_messe Halle 6

Wirtschafts- und Wissenschaftsminister @WTiefensee besucht unseren Stand @hannover_messe Halle 6

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H2+FC+BAT: Ceragen fuel cells for off-grid & residential power:  über @YouTube

Ceragen fuel cells for off-grid & residential power:  über @YouTube

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Sites of Fraunhofer IKTS

Germany: Dresden, Hermsdorf, Pleissa, Pöhl, Schmalkalden, Leipzig

USA: Storrs (Connecticut)