Water and waste water technology

Keramischen Membranen in verschiedenen Geometrien aufeinander gestapelt.
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Extrusion of ceramic 19-channel-tube.
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Filtration module with ceramic membranes.

Materials and components

  • Ceramic filtration membranes in various geometries (pipes, plates, capillary tubes, honeycombs) and carrier material variants (Al2O3, SiC, TiO2)
  • Specific electrolytic cells for electrochemical treatment
  • Development of catalysts for galvanic in-situ contaminant elimination
  • Cellular ceramic structures as catalyst carrier
  • Functional surfaces based on nanostructures for filtration and catalytic conversions


Process development

  • Filtration processes with ceramic membranes (micro- to nanofiltration)
  • Photocatalytic processes using cellular ceramic catalyst carriers
  • Electrochemical processes for water treatment, contaminant elimination and chemical recycling
  • Electrolytic processes for the extraction/recovery of reusable materials and their preparation in a pure state
  • Selective extraction processes
  • Combined processes


Modules and plants

  • Modules for all membranes available in-house up to the industrially relevant scale
  • Modular electrochemical pilot plants for process optimization and treatment of small batches
  • Membrane plants from lab to pilot scale (MF, UF, NF, UO, PV, DP, membrane extraction) up to 100 bar max.
  • Filtration plants to be rented out, with automated filling, product extraction and cleaning function
  • Mobile filtration container in accordance with ATEX (e.g. for oNF/SRNF)
  • Mobile test stand for photocatalytic and electrochemical water treatment


Sensor systems and analytics

  • Molecule-specific spectroscopic analytics (IR and Raman spectroscopy) for the detection of contaminants and trace substances
  • Lab-based plasmon resonance spectroscopy (SPR) for the detection and assessment of molecular binding processes in analytes
  • (Bio-)Functionalization of SPR sensor surfaces
  • Development of adapted, robust SPR sensors for field application