Optical test systems and diagnostics

Optical diagnostics for industrial measurement technologies and medical engineering


Optical methods are a key technology for the fast and contact-free detection of materials, surface and volume properties of components and products.

With knowledge about reciprocal effects of light and materials, and considerable expertise in signal processing, the determination of material parameters, micro- and nanostructure-based optical testing as well as systems and process integration, Fraunhofer IKTS supplies test and diagnostic systems for industrial measurement technologies and medical engineering.

Quality assurance of production processes and process monitoring for industrial manufacturing, e.g. in mechanical and plant engineering, in the automotive industry, electrical industry, metal processing, ceramics industry, plastics or packaging industry, and the supply of photonic systems for medical diagnostics, environmental analytics and pollutant sensors are focal points of optical test systems and diagnostics at Fraunhofer IKTS.


Industrial measurement and test systems

Whether service, laboratory device, or fully automated inline system: Fraunhofer IKTS provides optical sensor systems from design to manufacturing of customized system components, development of algorithms and software up to on-site integration.

Product labeling

Product labeling and identification for extreme process conditions (high temperatures, aggressive media, electromagnetic radiation) with effortless integration into existing plants and process structures for tracing raw materials, semi-finished, and finished parts.

Medical engineering

Components and complete systems for the analysis of biological structures and improvement of process and quality controls in oncology, biomedicine, and clinical applications (ensuring hygiene and sterilization).

Cooperation models

Innovation and development are the cornerstones of a promising corporate future. In order to create a competitive edge, Fraunhofer offers tailored options for cooperation, so that small and medium-sized companies can work together in the best possible way. This also allows to utilize development skills at short notice and as needed.