Accredited Test Lab

Faster implementation of new test methods

To perform valid and reproducible non-destructive tests, knowhow and experience are very important. A multiplicity of national and international standards, which can differ depending on the industry, sets the boundary conditions for use of established and new methods. Especially in the optimization of existing and development of new methods and systems, the latest regulations must be complied with and new methods or
device systems developed accordingly. The test lab has been granted flexible-scope accreditation status in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 by the Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle (DAkkS). This status makes it possible to validate ultrasonic and eddy current testing methods developed in-house and apply them like standard methods to the customer’s task. It thus provides a decisive advantage over conventional standardization processes by enabling faster implementation of time- and cost-efficient testing methods. The Accredited Test Lab also offers conventional non-destructive
testing of metals, nonmetals, ceramics, and composites using standard methods. Capabilities range from single components testing to testing of large parts volumes in multishift operations and development of customized semi-automatic testing systems for handling special tasks.

Testing capabilities at Fraunhofer IKTS

  • Materials: steel, austenite, titanium alloys, non-ferrous metals, polymers, ceramic composite materials, polymer composites, rock, concrete, and natural fiber materials
  • Material-to-material connections: welded joints, sandwich/layers, semi-finished products, riveted and bolted joints, bonded joints, and solder joints
  • Geometries: voluminous bodies, complex geometries, flat sheet metal, etc.
  • Part sizes: from a few millimeters to several meters, depending on the given task
  • Defect patterns: cracks, pores, delamination, geometry defects, inclusions, etc.
  • Testing methods: ultrasonic, eddy current, magnetic particle, penetrant, visual, hardness, thermography, and x-ray CT testing and x-ray laminography

More Information about the Accredited Test Lab you can find here.