Binder-free submicrometer corundum grinding tools


Closed cellular corundum
Sub-µm microstucture.

Advanced grinding approaches reduce costs and improve quality

Most important objectives of advanced developments are a high grinding efficiency, minimum tool wear, constancy of the ground surface roughness at a low processing temperature for a long time of use of the tool. These goals require minimzed cutting forces and initiate specific demands on hardness and fracture behavior of the grinding grit and on the binder phase. Even a small decrease of the binder amount by 1-2 % can reduce the cutting forces.




  • Corundum tools free of any binder
  • with a similar strength as for grinding bodies with a glass binder: with 40-50 % porosity (e.g.), the compressive strength is 30-120 MPa, the bending strength is 25-60 MPa (depending on the microstructure)
  • High hardness: HV1 = 21GPa (for a microstructure with 0.6 µm grain size at testing load of 1 kg)
  • High chemical stability due to high purity
  • Porosity, crystallite size, and properties adjustable within wide limi


Products and services offered


  • Development of manufacturing processes for new tools adjusted to specific demands of application
  • Licence agreements and further development within the framework of our patent application