High-temperature brazing


Active filler brazed joining between ceramic foam heater and bulk electrical contact.

Ceramic products are often used for high temperature applications. Those products are frequently combined of different ceramic or metallic parts for constructional or applicational reasons. Particularly the use of multi material combinations requires innovative and robust joining techniques in high temperature areas, which match either the material and the application tasks. Considering this challenge we develop joining solutions specifically fitting ceramic components at very high temperatures. We use commercial available brazes or we develop new brazes as Ta-Ni, Ti-Al or ceramic diffusion joining to meet this task.




Services offered


  • concepts and applying concepts for joining of products and systems
  • joining of ceramic and metallic materials
  • identification of faults in processing of joining technology or joined products
  • active filler brazing using commercial braze alloys under vacuum and inert gas
  • development of new braze alloys for ceramic/ceramic and ceramic/metal materials for the temperature field up to 1500 °C
  • metallization of ceramic surfaces by brazing
  • mechanical testing of ceramic / ceramic and ceramic / metal joints with thermal load
  • characterization of joined materials and brazes (more information)


Technical equipment


  • high temperature vacuum furnace up to 2200 °C operated with tungsten heating element (10-5 mbar vacuum pressure, Ar, N2, H2 and mixed gases)




  • electrical contacts of ceramic heating elements
  • high temperature stable joining of silicon nitride axle and rotor