Application-oriented characterization


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Test stand for testing the hot gas stability of ceramic materials.
Sample during operation of the corrosion test stand.
  • Mechanical testing from room temperature up to high temperature  (1550°C)
  • Oxidation and hot gas corrosion test up to 1500 °C with standing or flowing atmosphere
  • Characterization of the corrosion behavior in different solutions (acids and alkalis) and under atmospheric pressure to the boiling point, hydrothermal corrosion resistance up to 350 °C (pressure up to 200 bar) in water and salt solutions
  • Characterization of tribological systems (metals, ceramics, plastics, coatings) under defined stress conditions (rotating and reciprocating sliding wear from room temperature up to 180 or 900 °C and defined humidity, rolling wear)
  • Electrical characterization (electrical resistivity, Hall effect, thermoelectric properties) through testing of thermoelectric modules (siehe Elektrische Charakterisierung)


Technical equipment


  • Laboratory for mechanical testing by different test standards (see Materials Testing)
  • Characterization of fiber-reinforced composites with specific testing, such as circular ring test and single fiber push-out test
  • Hot-gas corrosion test stand (up to 1450 °C, 100 m/s, water vapor enriched atmosphere) for studies under gas turbine-like conditions
  • Corrosion test stand (up to 1200°C, steam atmosphere) following the standard ASTM C863-83
  • Test facilities for the electrical characterization of materials, heating components and thermoelectric modules  (see Electrically functional structural ceramics as heat conductors and thermoelectrics)
  • Further analytical methods  (see Sintering and Characterization)