Oxides, nitrides, oxynitrides from single source precursors


Crystalline gallium oxynitride.

The development and synthesis of so called single source precursors enables the production of oxide, nitride, oxycarbide and novel oxynitride materials. These organometallic, molecular precursors can be synthesized completely under inert conditions using Schlenk-techniques. Controlled by the composition and the molecular structure of the precursors inorganic materials with different kinds of properties can be formed during heat treatment in inert or reactive atmospheres as well as via solvothermal conversion.

A special research topic is the development of semiconducting oxynitrides with tunable direct band gaps down to the deep UV-region. The use of single source precursors enables the formation of novel metastable, amorphous or nanocrystalline materials as well as crystalline Oxynitride, which can`t by produced by classical powder routes.

In the field of oxides the development of novel thermoelectric materials, phosphors and transparent conducting oxides is application orientated.

Newer Activities are dealing with the synthesis of oxides crystallizing in a perovskite or spinel structure.  The use of suitable precursors should lead to materials characterized by innovative properties in the field of optics and optoelectronics for instance.

Services offered

  • Sol-gel-synthesis of oxides, nitrides, oxocarbides, oxynitrides
  • Synthesis und development of single source precursors under inert conditions
  • Pyrolysis of molecular precursors to inorganic materials
  • Up-scaling
  • Film, powder and bulk production
  • Characterization of electronic, optic und sensory properties

Technical equipment

  • Fully equipped chemical laboratories, Glovebox and Schlenk-Technique for synthesis under inert conditions
  • Furnaces equipped for pyrolysis in inert and reactive atmospheres
  • Spin coater with integrated hotplate
  • Warm press

Field of application

  • Sensor technology
  • Optoelectronics