Zeolite Membranes and Nanocomposites


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Synthesized zeolite (MFI) crystals.

The “Zeolite Membranes and Nanocomposites” group is focused primarily on the development and synthesis of zeolites, amorphous oxides and inorganic/organic composite materials, as well as their deposition as thin layers on various carrier materials. Sol-gel, polymer and hydrothermal technology are essential methods of synthesis. The application methods used are dipping, coating or spraying.

A major field of application is represented by nanoporous membranes for liquid filtration, pervaporation, vapor permeation and gas separation. Ceramic (pipes, flat membranes) and polymer (tape) carriers can be used in this context. Individual membrane types can be provided as prototypes up to the industrial scale.

Another field of application is the surface refinement and modification of concrete materials, natural construction materials, metals, polymers and glasses. Sample volumes for the large-scale sealing of, for instance floors, can be made available.

Current addition to our development efforts is surface coatings with catalytic, adsorptive or antiviral effect.


Services offered


  • Development of zeolites, amorphous and crystalline oxides and inorganic/organic composite materials with specific properties for filtration, adsorption, catalysis or surface modification and -functionalization
  • Development and manufacture of membranes for customized separation tasks in liquid filtration, pervaporation, vapor permeation and gas separation
  • Development and manufacture of nanocomposites for surface refinement and modification for various basic materials
  • Production of nanocomposite prototypes for large-scale applications

Current research

NF-Membranes for cleaning