Sol-gel technology for nanocomposite layers


Fraunhofer IKTS develops organic-inorganic nanocomposites in which metal oxides (SiO2, TiO2, ZrO2, Al2O3) are linked with silicones, siloxanes, acrylates, epoxides or other polymers on a nanometer scale. In this way, material properties can be selectively adjusted over a wide range. With the combination of plasma-sprayed coatings (ceramic, metal, glass) and such nanocomposites, further property combinations can be realized, e.g. non-stick effect, electrical insulation and wear resistance.

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Fresnel lens with anti-scratch coating.

Anti-scratch coating


For PMMA surfaces (Fresnel lens), based on polysiloxanes.

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Anti-tarnish layer on stainless steel (lower half of the plate) after aging the plate at 350 °C.

Non-stick coatings (300 °C) and anti-tarnish coatings (450 °C)


For stainless steel surfaces, by adapting the chemical composition of the hybrid polymers.

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Corrosion protection coatings on gold after scratch and adhesion testing.

Corrosion protection coatings


For aluminum or PTC ceramics as well as gold and silver surfaces, adhesion resistant, with high transparency and layer thicknesses below 5 µm.

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Plasma-coated forceps tips in high-frequency surgery.

Plasma coatings

As non-stick, electrically insulating and wear-resistant coatings for transport rollers, flanges in wind turbines and tips of forceps (high-frequency surgery), combination of atmospheric plasma spraying (APS) and sol-gel technology.

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Terrazzo slab with sealant, SEM image of the fracture edge.



For reliable sealing of the surfaces of concrete and stone (e.g. limestone), prevention of efflorescence without cracking and staining with high UV resistance, curing at room temperature.

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Structure of the fire protection safety glass.

Fire protection safety glass

Based on a sol-gel fire protection film that can be laminated between glass, in case of fire high temperature insulation and prevention of glass shattering, sample production in the size of 40 cm x 80 cm.

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Testing of a transparent fire protection tape.

Transparent fire protection tape


Based on a sol-gel fire protection tape that can be laminated between plastic films, in case of fire: mineral foam formation with high temperature insulation and prevention of burning down.

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Floor slab after ball drop test from 3 m height with 6 kg weight.

Floor slabs for industrial and exhibition halls


Alternative to natural asphalt floor slab with increased corrosion resistance and “impact resistance” based on mineral aggregates with epoxy resin bonding.

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Stone tiles with integrated low voltage heaters.

Low voltage underfloor heating for indoor and outdoor use


Stone tiles with heating layer based on graphite (without carbon fibers), low voltage avoids risks of accidents due to electric current.

Services offered

  • Development of nanocomposite coatings with adapted property profiles (e.g. hydrophilic, hydrophobic, easy-to-clean, scratch protection, anti-adhesion, corrosion protection, diffusion blocking) for different substrates (e.g. ceramics, metal, glass, PMMA)
  • Development of customized plasma gel coatings, especially electrically insulating coatings and wear protection coatings
  • Sample production of coated parts
  • Scale-up of material synthesis