Efficient Generation and Utilization of Synthesis Gas


Reformer testing facilty.
Prototype of a developed biogas-driven SOFC system.

Synthesis gas for various applications is mostly generated by catalytic reforming. An application-specific reformer integration is achieved by the construction of robust reactors and allows further processing of the synthesis gas, e.g. in fuel cells (SOFC) or in chemical syntheses. Precise measurement of the process values provides information for the prediction of operating temperature and product quality. Operational costs are reduced by the application of long-term stable honeycomb catalysts and novel support structures.

For the highly efficient energetic utilization of synthesis gas high temperature fuel cell systems are developed, build and tested. Different power ranges as well as fuels (biogas, natural gas, methanol, LPG) are addressed.


Services offered


  • Development and application of novel catalysts and support structures
  • Design, construction and test of system and plant components
  • Complete plants including instrumentation and control system
  • Support for assembly and operation of fuel cell systems for the use in research and teaching


Technical equipment


  • Test facilities for the development of reactors
  • Highly integrated laboratory prototype of an SOFC system for investigations in system context
  • Test environments for fuel cell systems
  • Gas analytics (GC/FID, GC/TCD, GC/PFPD and GC/MS)


Examples and references