Development of Heterogeneously Catalyzed Processes


The working group Process Systems Engineering focuses on several topics on the field of heterogeneous catalysis. These include preparation and testing of catalysts for specific applications (e.g. flue gas cleaning) as well as the development of adapted reactor concepts. Another focus is the application of advantageous novel catalyst support structures. On basis of comprehensive kinetic characterization and modeling, reactors for various catalytic applications can be developed and tested. Complex processes can be designed with help of process modeling tools.


Services offered


  • Catalyst preparation
  • Development of novel catalyst support structures
  • Catalyst testing and characterization
  • Reactor design and testing
  • Development of heterogeneously catalyzed processes
  • Design and automation of plants for catalytic processes
  • Application of adsorptive methods for gas treatment


Technical equipment


Plants for

  • Measurement of axial temperature and concentration profiles
  • Catalyst and reactor testing
  • Mass transfer measurements for catalyst support structures (differential recycle reactor)
  • Long-term stability tests
  • Screening of adsorbents


Examples and references


Supports for heterogeneous catalysis.
Measurement of axial temperature and concentration profiles.
Plants for catalyst and reactor testing.