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Gas analysis system and control cabinet for cell test stand
Inbetriebnahme des Triton-Teststands (geeignet für drei LPG-Systeme)
Start-up of Triton test stand (suitable for three LPG systems)

The “Validiation“ working group has experience in test stand and prototype construction, test infrastructure operation as well as test procedure with focus on high-temperature systems in the field of energy technology. Standardized procedures in accordance with the quality management system are part of our work as internal and external service provider as well as the prerequisite for reproducible and meaningful results.


Test stand and prototype construction


The working group is responsible for the planning, assembly and the maintenance of specific, complex test stands in collaboration with the “Energy Systems Engineering” and “System concepts” working groups. Due to this proven cooperation, all requirements on test stand and prototype construction are covered using IKTS resources.

In the past years, 19 different test stands have been realized to test reformer and burner components and complete SOFC stacks or systems in the performance range from 5 W to 5 kW. In prototype construction the focus is currently shifting to complete systems with integrated BoP components and control unit. The experiences from high-temperature applications are increasingly transferred to other applications such as, e.g., thermoelectric generators.




The experiences of the working group are based on several generations of test stands using combustible, explosive and toxic gases in combination with high-temperature applications and a high demand for cooling air. Currently, several test fields (approx. 400 m²) with more than 30 hot gas stands as well as eight plants for battery characterization are being operated within the „Energy Systems“ research field.




The working group has extensive experiences in planning, operating and evaluating tests with high-temperature components and systems with planar and tubular SOFC stacks. Systematic planning of the tests is essential for their efficient execution. The requirements on data management for characteristic data acquisition and durability tests differ from each other. For this purpose, appropriate, simple but performant filing systems are used, which can be accessed using standard evaluation programs. In order to exactly evaluate the measuring results, e.g. the complex measuring chain for performance detection of systems or fuel cells, it is essential to understand the connections.


Services offered


Particularly as part of joint development projects

  • Design, planning, assembly and maintenance of specific, complex test stands or prototypes
  • Provision of a reliable infrastructure for the operation of test stands
  • Planning, execution and evaluation of tests including relevant diagrams, interpretations and proposals for measures
  • Development of testing methods or test procedures for quality assessment
  • Development of processes and production processes for industrialization