System Integration and Technology Transfer


The “System Integration and Technology Transfer” department - an interface between application and customer - pools the expertise of Fraunhofer IKTS in the field of materials and technology development. Its aim is the development of complete systems and device prototypes. Currently, research activities are focused on fuel cell and battery storage systems, as well as generators and further application systems from other IKTS areas.

This focus allows the department to work on isolated materials and technologies issues which might arise on the single steps of the value chain. It also allows for the development of specific systems based both on market and customer requirements  and on available technological options. Based on a comprehensive validation and target-performance analysis of market maturity, both the feedback into material and components development and the quick solution of identified crucial aspects are guaranteed.

In order to develop large series production processes and quality assurance methods, a small series production of prototypes can first be carried out in the laboratories and pilot plants of Fraunhofer IKTS or in cooperation with our customers. Thus, Fraunhofer IKTS is qualified as a contractor for the complete process of technology development and the stepwise knowledge transfer into series production at the customer’s site.


Services offered


  • System concepts, including simulation-assisted synthesis and dynamic simulation of complex energy conversion and storage systems
  • Multi-criteria optimization of a system structure according to the Pareto principle based on the customer’s functional goals
  • Prototype assembly, functional tests and validation of performance and lifetime parameters of energy systems in specially equipped laboratories within the performance range provide energy generation of some mW and 10 kW (focus: fuel cell and battery systems)
  • Construction and operation of test stands for the study of specific aspects, e.g. in the high-temperature range
    Realization of prototype production and quality assurance processes on a laboratory, pilot plant and industrial scale


Sodium Battery Materials and Prototype Manufacturing



Stationary Energy Storage Systems



Systems Concepts



Thin-Film Technology