System Integration and Technology Transfer


Thin-Film Technology


The working group is engaged in research and development of CVD technologies for different applications. Several methods are used: thermal CVD processes at low pressure and atmospheric pressure (LPCVD, APCVD), plasma-enhanced CVD (PECVD) and atomic layer deposition (ALD). For some applications CVD and sol-gel methods are combined.
Layer materials like hard coatings, aligned carbon nanotubes (CNT) and dielectrics based on oxides of hafnium, zirconium and titanium and different perovskite materials are focused. The applications cover wear-resistant coatings, actuating elements, sensors, energy management and microelectronics. The preparation of new thin film materials also requires the modification of known processes as well as the development of new CVD technologies.
This comprises the test of new precursor systems and detailed process studies. The investigations are supported by thermodynamic calculations and an extensive characterization of composition, structure and properties of the layers.


Products and services offered


  • Preparation of CVD layer systems consisting of hard materials, aligned carbon nanotubes, nanoscale metal oxides and perovskites
  • Modification of known and development of new CVD and ALD technologies, examination of new precursor systems
  • Manufacturing of prototype coatings
  • Complex layer characterization
  • Thermodynamic calculations of CVD systems