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Gas sensors



TCSI detector


Ceramic anode heater for TCSI detector


Gaschromatograph of a CKW mixture

Rice detector


A selective detection of dangerous substances (for example of halogenated organic compounds (HOC)) in trace concentrations is often necessary in analytical chemistry and environmental analytics. In cooperation with meta Messtechnische Systeme GmbH and Jüke Systemtechnik GmbH, Fraunhofer IKTS developed a detector on the basis of thermal catalytic surface ionization (TCSI detector). A ceramic body combined with a heater is the core element of such a detector acting as a catalytically active media for ionization of gas species. The achieved sensitivity to chlorinated hydrocarbons (CHC) is comparable with the sensitivity of ECD. The detection limit is < 10-9 mg.
Advantages of the detector are high reproducibility of data, long-term stability and reliability, compatibility with different types of GC columns and devices, cost-efficient production and simple handling.


Services offered


  • Development of sensor materials for environmental analytics, chemical industry and medical technology
  • Development and manufacture of unique sensing elements for various applications

Analyzer for oxygen saturation

Potentiometrischer Sensor Sauerstoff Basis Mischpotentialbildung

Oxygen sensor for combustible gas mixtures


In many industrial processes there is a necessity to measure the amount of oxygen in gas mixtures with combustible components (CH4, H2). Due to the reaction of oxygen with the combustible component (especially in gases containing fluctuating amounts of water), it is not possible to measure the oxygen with commercially available (Pt containing) oxygen sensors. For this reason, a sensor for the determination of free oxygen in gas mixtures with combustible components (H2) was developed based on the principle of mixed potential formation.


Services offered


  • Development of mixed potential sensors for various gas components
  • Heater and sensor integration at high temperatures





Ceramic TCD sensor elements

TCD array for selective gas analysis


Quantitative analysis of multi-component gas mixtures usually requires the implementation of different types of sensors. Based on the measurement of thermal conductivity, the developed sensor array is well suited for quantitative identification of up to four gas components. At the same time, its compact and modular design allows cost-efficient and space-saving integration into existing process cycles.


Services offered


  • Realization of TCD detectors using thick-film technology
  • Integration of catalytically active layers into TCD detectors
  • Calibration and long-term tests


Schematic representation of a solid-state-electrolyte-analyzer. (OXYLYT)

Schematic representation of a solid-state-electrolyte-analyzer. (OXYLYT)


pO2-T-x-σ-Diagrams for perowskites

Solid electrolyte coulometry


The adjustment and controlling of defined gas atmospheres in the reaction chamber as well as the flow-rate independent, selective determination of the amount of oxygen absorbed or released by the sample allow one to find simple solutions for a number of thermoanalytical questions concerning the interaction between the material and the atmosphere, such as e.g. oxidation/reduction, decomposition reactions, combustion and kinetics of redox reactions etc. The integrated, simultaneous determination of the sample resistance by DC measurements and the gas composition using an FTIR gas analyzer expand the possibilities of this analysis to be used for gas sensor technology and electrocatalysis.


Services offered


  • Determination and modification of oxygen stoichiometry in complex oxides depending on the gas environment 
  • Creation of pO2-T-x- and/or pO2-T-x-σ diagrams 
  • Complex characterization of materials for catalysis, oxygen permeation and sensor technology 
  • Development and characterization of sensor elements 
  • Development of electrochemical measuring method