Materials for Printed Systems


Active components for energy and storage technology


Gas-tight sintering ZrO2 layer on porous substrate

Messplatz-fuer MEA Charakterisierung

Messplatz für MEA-Charakterisierung

MEAs for SOFC and SOEC


It is the objective of our research to reduce the polarization resistance of the oxygen electrode and fuel gas electrode by optimizing the composition, microstructure and thickness of the electrode layers.


Services offered


  • Paste and electrode development for SOFC 
  • Paste and electrode development for high-temperature electrolysis 
  • Material and technology development for electrodes applied on different substrate materials (e.g. metal-supported substrate) 
  • Gas-tight sintering ZrO2 pastes 
  • MEA screening 
  • Measurement and analysis of impedance spectra under varying conditions

Viscosity of cathode pastes optimized for screen printing


Charge/discharge curves of a metal sample with a cathode screen-printed on an Al tape in a 2- electrode Swagelock cell

Materials for lithium batteries


Lithium-containing compounds of different lithium stoichiometry based on lithium-nickel oxides and lithium-cobalt oxides as well as derived compounds such as  LiCo0,33Ni0,33Mn0,33O4, LiNi0,5Mn0,5O4 and others are traditional materials for commercial lithium ion batteries. As part of the developments related to electric and/or hybrid cars, lithium ion batteries, which do not only have a high energy density but also a high power density, are developed. The fast charge/discharge processes are realized by developing nanostructured cathode materials and optimizing paste and coating technologies.


Services offered


  • Selection of methods for powder synthesis which is suitable for the precise adjustment of the chemical composition and an up-scaling of cathode production
  • Development of paste composition for standard cathode and anode powders as well as their optimization with the help of electrochemical characterization
  • Paste and electrode development based on different powders, and manufacturing of samples using screen printing
  • Investigations on upscaling

Carbon-based electrode tape on aluminum substrate

Metal collector for the manufacturing of lithium batteries or capacitors

Slurry-based coatings for supercaps and lithium batteries


Tape casting is a cost-effective shaping method to manufacture thin, large-size and planar substrates. Using this technology, Fraunhofer IKTS develops electrode tapes for lithium batteries and supercaps. Here, slurry is applied onto a metal collector tape and dried. The resulting electrode tape is subsequently integrated into batteries and capacitors.


Services offered


  • Formulation and characterization of ceramic, metal and non-metal slurries and tapes
  • Dispersion technology
  • Development and manufacture of tapes made of different materials
  • Customized slurry development