Ceramic Tapes


Tape casting laboratory.
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Ceramic green tapes.
Design and development.

Core competency of the group "Ceramic Tapes" is the development of slurries for the tape casting process, the functionalization of ceramic tapes and substrates as well as the design and construction of coating equipment. The group sees itself as a contact for questions regarding the processing of ceramic, glass-ceramic, functional and metallic powders to slurries which are to be processed by tape casting. The transfer in technological processes stands also in focus.

There is a modern equipment for the preparation of ceramic slurries and the casting of tapes in batch and continuous processes and for the functionalization of tapes and substrates by pad and screen printing in laboratory and pilot plant scale.


Services offered


Tape Casting

  • Tape casting by various casting and drying processes (doctor blade, slot die, triple slot die and contact or levitate drying, UV curing)
  • Customized processing of tapes by cutting, punching, laser cutting and lamination
  • Thermal treatment of the green tapes
  • Development of appropriate conductor, insulation and resistor pastes for the green tapes in collaboration with the group Thick-Film Technology and Photovoltaics
  • System and component development in collaboration with the group Microsystems, LTCC and HTCC

Functionalization of tapes and substrates

  • Screen printing, stamp printing, mask printing
  • Development of joining technologies for processing of ceramic parts to complete assemblies
  • Development of ceramic components for sensor applications
  • Development of functional pastes

Construction │Coater prototypes and equipment

  • Development of equipment in the field of technical ceramics
  • Construction of coating and control systems for the tape casting
  • Development of complex structures for the technical screen printing
  • Development of ceramic coating technologies and coating equipment


Construction | Coater prototypes & equipment


Functionalization of tapes and substrates

Current research

High-purity MgO tapes as sintering aid for MIEC ceramic flat membranes


Tape casting