Characterization and Calibration of mechanical sensors under harsh environmental conditions


Test facility for high temperature pressure sensors.

Based on the long term experience in the development of mechanical sensors for pressure and force, IKTS offers comprehensive experience as well as appropriate equipment for characterization and calibration of almost all type of mechanical sensors. Thus mechanical sensors can be characterized and calibrated under multiple, superimposed requirements coming from different physical domains (thermal, mechanical and chemical) and under static as well as dynamic conditions. The measurements will be done in a semi-automatical procedure, however the development of new characterization solutions and those transfer to the customer can also be realized.


Technical Specifications:


  • Pressure sensors (0 - 200 bar, -40 – 700 °C)
  • Force Sensors (0 – 1 kN, -10 – 200 °C)
  • Different atmospheres (air, N2, Ar, rH, others)


Offered Services:


  • Conduction of static and dynamic measurements
  • Determination of measured values, expectation values
  • Determination of random and systematic errors
  • Determination of repeatability and reproducibility standard deviation
  • Determination of measurement uncertainties
  • Determination of discrimination thresholds, sensitivities and response times
  • Development of new characterization methods and transfer to the customer