High Current Inductor


Integrated high-current inductor
Cross-section of a 100 W transformator with 50 µm metallization thickness

The integration of inductors into the substrate is required in different kinds of applications, which include inductive and passive components for LC resonators and filter applications.  Furthermore it is possible to generate highly integrated transformers by manufacturing magnetically coupled inductors. By integration of conductors, sensor applications like eddy current sensors could be manufactured. Dielectric and ferromagnetic materials like pastes and substrates are available to be integrated in the LTCC material either by printing or by pick and place processing.


Technical characteristics:


  • Printed planar inductors up to line/space 40 µm/40 µm by screen or mask printing or direct writing technologies (Aerosol Jet printing),
  • Metallization thickness ≥ 50 µm and
  • Stacked inductors (up to 10 layers) with 30 µm vertical metallization distance.


Services offered:


  • Consultancy in LTCC/HTCC processing,
  • Development and qualification of manufacturing processes,
  • Manufacturing and testing of pre-series and
  • Technology transfer.