Thick Film Resistors for the High Temperature Range


Determination of the Gauge-Factor up to 450 °C (in-frared picture)
FESEM-picture of a TFR-system for structural examina-tion

Thick film resistors (TFR) are elementary structures for the multilayer ceramic technology and are used as surface or buried printed passive components or sensory layers. To enable these elements for working at higher temperatures, a precise knowledge of the resistance characteristics in the high temperature range is required. These are not only determined by the TFR material, but also depend on the substrate, termination and on the overglaze. Based on extensive research, customized TFR-system solutions were developed.


Technical characteristics:


  • Characterization: Tg, R□
  • Characterization: TCR, α (-50 °C to 800 °C)
  • Characterization: Gauge-Factor (25 °C to 450 °C)
  • Thermo-cyclization, long-term stability (up to 800 °C)
  • Thermo-shock treatment


Services offered:


  • Characterization of TFR-systems (substrate/termination/TFR/overglaze)
  • Determination of electrical properties of TFR
    (Gauge-Factor, TCR, α, Tg, R□)
  • Customized development of TFR-systems
Determination of resistance-change during thermal load for two different TFR-systems:  
The system is stable up to 150 °C The system is stable up to 450 °C.
Results of the thermo-mechanical analysis (TMA) for different TFR-pastes