Functional Materials for Hybrid Microsystems


All-ceramic multilayer microreactors, made of Al2O3 tapes
All-ceramic multilayer microreactors, made of Al2O3 tapes.
Multi-layer ferrit inductivities based on a low sintering LTCC material.

Ceramic green tapes and thick films form the basis for a variety of innovative devices, modules and systems which are based on multilayer technology. Examples include piezoinjectors, multilayer capacitors, LTCC or HTCC devices as well as microfluidic systems in which the very different functional properties and principles of ceramic materials are used. Accordingly, the material basis for this technology is broad, ranging from simple oxide systems such as Al2O3, TiO2 or stabilized ZrO2, over glass-ceramic composite materials to complex magnetic and dielectric functional materials. The “Ceramic Tapes and Functionalized Multilayers” working group has extensive experience and expertise in the field of tape and thick-film technology. It is one of the group’s core competencies to provide the complete technological line from powder processing, over slurry processing up to tape casting. This is supplemented by specific know-how in the development of electroceramic materials, the synthesis and processing of nanodisperse powders as well as the packaging of complex electronic devices such as SAW sensors.


Services offered


  • Technology development for powder preparation
  • Development of electroceramic specialty materials
  • Development of functionalized specialty tapes
  • Technology development for tape casting
  • Development of ceramic substrates
  • Functionalization of ceramic substrates
  • Characterization of magnetic materials


Technical equipment


  • Preparation terminal for functional materials
  • Tape casters up to 12’’ width
  • Magnetic measuring equipment


Examples and references


  • Ceramic plate heat exchangers
  • Ceramic honeycomb heaters
  • SAW sensors
  • Magnetoresistive thick films 
  • Metal powder tapes 
  • Ferritic LTCC tapes 
  • High-k LTCC tapes 
  • LTCC tapes for silicon-ceramic composite substrates

Current research

Luminescent material-based composites


Magnetic ceramics


Highly dialectric LTCC materials


Piezoelectric and ferroelectric materials


Porous substrates


Printing and joining technologies


Neo-PEC innovative hydrogen technology