Application - Micro Energy Systems


PEMFC composition

Fuel Cell System design

Micro fuel cell


Fuel cells convert chemical energy directly into electrical energy and thereby have a high electrical efficiency. In the department “Microsystems, LTCC and HTCC” LTCC-based low-temperature fuel cells with polymer membrane (Nafion) are developed. Electrochemically active elements (MEA, GDL), the hydrogen tank and the electronics of the battery management system are fully integrated. Thereby hydrogen is used as fuel gas. A serial circuit of the electrochemically active regions (usually up to 6 cells) increases the cell voltage of the fuel cell system. For status monitoring inside the fuel cell pressure and temperature sensors are integrated. Miniaturized valves are used to open or close the hydrogen tanks and for flushing the channel structures, the fuel gas distribution.


Technical characteristics:


  • Active membrane area of (1 - 33) cm²,
  • Power range from 150 mW to 5 W,
  • Energy content  30 Wh (operating time 10h) and
  • Fuel tank capacity 20Nl H2.


Services offered:


  • Development of PEMFC solutions & adaptation for application as mobile energy storage (galvanic cell and electrolysis cell)