Hybrid Microsystems


Development of functional ceramics and of miniaturized components and systems is the focus of the “Hybrid Microsystems” department. Applications lie in the areas of packaging for electronics and high-power electronics, sensors, and energy technology (micro-fuel cells and photovoltaics).

For the deposition of functional layers, both classic screen printing technology and additional mask-based (stencil and gravure printing) and digital printing processes (aerosol and inkjet printing) can be used, depending on the application requirements. In addition, a complete ceramic multilayer technology line (LTCCs, HTCCs) is available at Fraunhofer IKTS to produce 3D-structured components.

We also offer our customers a wide range of technologies for electrical contacting (soldering, gluing, bonding) and for mechanical and microstructural characterization of electrical connections.


Services offered


  • Development, preparation, and characterization of application-specific functional ceramic materials 
  • Component design, development, and characterization 
  • Electrical systems integration of ceramic components 
  • Development of technologies and assessment of scalability


Special equipment


Development, Preparation, and Characterization of Pastes and Inks

All equipment required for preparation and characterization of thick film pastes and inks (e.g., rheometry)

Development and Preparation of Ceramic Films 

Continuous tape casting machines

Component Layout, Circuit Design 

Simulation: FlexPDE, Comsol 
CAD: SolidWorks, AutoCAD 
Circuit design: Altium Designer, Durst Hyde

Deposition Technologies for Functional Coatings  

Screen printing (planar and tubular) 
Stencil and gravure printing 
Inkjet and aerosol printing

Ceramic Multilayer Technology  

Complete 8” x 8” multilayer line: stamping and lasering, screen printing, isostatic and uniaxial lamination, LTCC firing: in air, N2, and vacuum, free-sintered and zero-shrinkage; HTCC: in air atmosphere 

Ceramic Systems Integration  

Wire bonding (ultrasonic and thermosonic) 
Soldering (dip and reflow) 
SMT mounting 
Pull and shear test 
IR thermography 
Wafer saw



Thick-Film Technology and Functional Printing



Microsystems, LTCC and HTCC



Functional Materials for Hybrid Microsystems



Systems Integration and Electronic Packaging



Ceramic Tapes