Trade fair / Digital  /  May 04, 2021  -  May 06, 2021

Sensor + Test – Special Topic: Sensor and measuring technology for process automation

Based on the two most measured parameters, pressure and temperature, the diversity in process sensor and measuring technology has been the core of the SENSOR+TEST trade fair since its inception.

With the extensive introduction of digitalization in process automation, the demands on sensor and measuring systems have increased to the same degree as their importance for the industry. Whether it be for measuring processes, self-monitoring sensor networks, or systems for process analysis with cloud and AI support: The miniaturized sensor concepts shown are based on ceramic technologies and provide valid information at all times along the value chain, even in harsh environments.


Manufacturing of application-specific ultrasonic transducers

Conventional ultrasound imaging systems typically use frequencies between 1 and 15 MHz. The aim of developments at Fraunhofer IKTS are high-frequency ultrasonic transducers with frequencies above 15 MHz in order to achieve an improvement of the image resolution. Since with increasing ultrasound frequency not only the resolution increases but also the acoustic penetration depth decreases, high-frequency ultrasound transducers are particularly suitable in medicine for structures close to the surface or accessible by catheters, e.g. in the context of dermatological, ophthalmological or intravascular examinations. Beyond these patient applications, they are also of interest for preclinical laboratory animal testing as well as non-destructive testing of fiber-reinforced plastics, interlocking joints and electronic components.

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Printed magnetoresistive sensors for contactless switching

Printed electronics has emerged as a key technology in many industries. Using low-cost, widely available materials and industrially relevant high-throughput processes, Fraunhofer IKTS is able to print flexible magnetoresistive sensors for contactless switching. With the novel printed switches, there could soon be a marketable solution that enables exactly this and can be flexibly applied both in harsh environments and under ionizing radiation, e.g. in medical diagnostics and therapy.

Ceramic pressure sensors for high-temperature applications

The ceramic multilayer technology LTCC (Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramics) is used for highly integrated ceramic wiring carriers. The possibility to integrate 3D structures (membranes, chambers, channels) predestines LTCC as a platform for electrical and e.g. fluidic functions. By adapting the thick layers to the respective LTCC base material, sensors for the measuring ranges 10 / 50 / 100 / 250 bar can be produced in the operating temperature range up to over 300 °C in combination with high-temperature assembly and joining techniques. These have a linear and low-hysteresis characteristic curve with very good long-term stability.