Trade fair  /  06/25/2019  -  06/27/2019

Sensor + Test – Special Topic: Sensor and Measuring Technology for Process Automation

Based on the two most measured parameters, pressure and temperature, the diversity in process sensor and measuring technology has been the core of the SENSOR+TEST trade fair since its inception.

With the extensive introduction of digitalization in process automation, the demands on sensor and measuring systems have increased to the same degree as their importance for the industry. Whether it be for measuring processes, self-monitoring sensor networks, or systems for process analysis with cloud and AI support: The miniaturized sensor concepts shown are based on ceramic technologies and provide valid information at all times along the value chain, even in harsh environments.

Hall 5, Booth 352


Limiting current type oxygen sensor

Sensors for the measurement of the oxygen content in gas mixtures are not only essential components of fuel drives or medical respiratory gas monitoring systems, they are also used in numerous industrial processes. The developed sensor – smaller than a kitchen lens – is based on ceramic solid electrolytes (3YSZ) and is therefore suitable for operating temperatures up to 700 °C. By simply modifying the parameters, a large measuring range of 0–100 vol.% can be covered.

Fast-switching solid-state valve actuators

For a variety of industrial applications, such as pick-and-place or emergency stops, fast-switching pneumatic valves are required which can control air flow within few milliseconds. The valves based on electromagnets used so far are limited in terms of size, switching speed and service life. In the BMBF collaborative project SMS2.0, Fraunhofer IKTS has now investigated the potential of ferromagnetic shape memory alloys (FSMA) for valves. By means of adapted magnetic excitation and valve mechanics, switching times of less than 1 millisecond were achieved in the first samples.