Trade fair  /  November 16, 2021  -  November 19, 2021


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Hall B2, Booth 228


Highlight: Photoimageable pastes for 5G networks

5G technology will revolutionize the mobile network and accelerate digitization. The necessary electronics must be miniaturized even more than before, and this also applies to the associated antennas, which also operate in the high-frequency range. For the 5G network, however, very fine structures in the 20 micrometer range are necessary.  Together with the company Aurel, Fraunhofer IKTS has developed a technology with the associated photoimageable pastes (PI pastes) with which these fine structures can also be industrially realized. To achieve this, only two process steps have to be added to the classic screen printing process. These take only 15 to 20 seconds and can therefore be easily integrated into the production line. The process is suitable for mass production and industry, and the investment costs are low. The conventional screen printing process remains the basis for production – so the companies can continue to use their systems as usual.  In addition, the PI pastes have been designed in such a way that they cure reliably under UV lighting but remain unaffected by daylight. A costly yellow room is not necessary.

Power Electronics and Heating

Ceramics are very suitable for thermal management of power electronics and in heater applications. High thermal conductivity, temperature-cycling stability and mechanical stability offer great advantages compared to conventional polymeric substrates in challenging applications.

Modern power electronic modules already use ceramic substrates as core components. Therefore, Fraunhofer IKTS offers great possibilities for the development and optimization of such components. Modern technologies for metallizations (e.g. active metal brazing, thick printed copper), complete redesign of the ceramic boards (e.g. ceramic modification, integration of cooling channels), interconnection technologies and functional characterization analyses (e.g. partial discharge analyses).

Ceramics can also be used for the development of customized heaters. Therefore, thick film heating layers were printed on the ceramic board. Fraunhofer IKTS offers production of customized heater shapes (planary, tubular, 3D), in combination with metallization deposition and temperature-stable interconnection solutions.

Additive manufactured components with additional functionalization

Additive manufacturing can be used to produce complex and functional components, which would not be producible with standard production technologies. It is an advantage of this resource-efficient and tool-free process that customized samples or even small series can be produced at acceptable costs. IKTS offers a wide variation of additive production technologies for customized ceramic elements: 3D-powder printing, selective laser sintering, lithography-based ceramic manufacturing, thermoplastic 3D-printing. Additional functionalization of these components can be realized by digital or standard screen printing.  Reachable miniaturization and efficiency levels of the final components can exceed conventional standard solutions. Therefore, IKTS uses its substantial experience in technology and materials science to modify, customize and optimize paste and ink compositions for printing technologies. It is possible to adjust paste or ink viscosities, compositions, and adhesion mechanisms.

Robust. Reliable. Tailor-made. - Ceramic solutions for sensors

Sensor elements are the fundamental components for wide-ranging data collection of process and state variables in the ongoing trend in Industry 4.0. Therefore, these elements must withstand increasingly challenging process conditions like temperature sensors for turbines, sensors for chemical atmospheres in electronic productions or corrosive-stable soil sensors in smart farming.  Based on the long-term experience in the development of mechanical, chemical and temperature sensors, IKTS offers comprehensive experience as well as appropriate equipment for development, production, and characterization of almost all type of sensors. Main working topics are the development of customized metallizations (e.g. acid-resistant thick films), temperature-stable and temperature cycling stable multilayer sensors (e.g. LTCC pressure sensor, hermetical housings) and adapted interconnection technologies (e.g. brazing, micro-welding).