Trade fair  /  09/26/2017  -  09/28/2017

Powtech 2017

At the leading international trade fair, the institute presents state-of-the-art processes and developments in the field of powder technology.

Hall A4, Stand 117

Center of competence powder technology

Detailed knowledge of the materials used and their processing characteristics is paramount to the development and optimization of stable, economical and sustainable production processes, thus resulting in products of superior quality. Complex interrelationships that exist among raw materials, production technology, material structures and properties, as well as the operating conditions are considered as a whole at Fraunhofer IKTS. The scientists also support customers and project partners in all aspects of chemical, thermal, microstructural, mechanical, tribological, electrical and electrochemical analysis, evaluation and optimization of components and compact or porous materials in the nanometer to millimeter range. In this regard, not only are the key performance indicators identified – they are interpreted as well.

Powder design for special lighting

The large-size ceramic converter discs shown on the booth are suitable for the high-power lighting sector, e.g. in cinema and flight simulation projectors or front headlights. For the manufacturing process, IKTS scientists developed special powders for harsh environments and high mechanical loads. These were subsequently granulated by spray drying, compacted to flawless green bodies by means of uniaxial, cold isostatic pressing and finally sintered.

Suspensions for surface finishing

By the use of suspensions as injection additives, particularly high-quality fine-structured layers can be produced. From the selection of suitable raw materials and the development of suspension formulations to the setting of the spraying parameters, a practical solution for the suspension-based thermal coating of surfaces is now being transferred to industry. With the new development, for example highly resistant, extremely thin and smooth wear protection or insulation layers can be realized.