Trade fair  /  May 10, 2022  -  May 12, 2022

PCIM Europe

At PCIM Europe, everything revolves around the current topics of power electronics, intelligent drive technology, renewable energy and energy management. Industry representatives have the opportunity to present their products and solutions while scientists can exchange and network about their latest findings.

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Ceramic substrates for wide bandgap semiconductors

Ceramic materials are very suitable for thermal management of power electronic components. High thermal conductivity combined with high insulation characteristics offer advantages in demanding applications compared to standard pcb boards. High temperature cycling stability and mechanical stability are only additional advantages.  Modern ceramic substrates for wide bandgap semiconductors consisting of aluminum nitride, alumina, or silicon nitride. Fraunhofer IKTS offers a comprehensive portfolio for development and optimization of such components. Starting with modification of the ceramic material itself, shaping processes of the substrates, possibility for integration of cooling structures up to the metallization by using active metal brazing or thick printed copper.


Characterization of materials and components for 800 V electrical systems

Modern electrical vehicles use electrical system voltages up to 800 V. High power consuming components like engines or climate compressors can run efficiently under such conditions. Electronic insulation materials need to withstand such high electrical fields inside miniaturized components. Failing of the insulation can cause efficiency losses or even personal injury. Therefore, insulation materials need to be investigated in terms of their electrical characteristics even under harshest conditions. Fraunhofer IKTS offers extensive opportunities starting with insulation resistance measurement, dielectric strength analyses up to partial discharge measurements (PDS). All measurements can be realized on international standards or individual conditions. Even electrical characterization under climate conditions can be realized.


High design flexibility using customized thick film technology

Thick film technology offers benefits compared to standard metallization concepts for power electronic boards (AMB, DCB). Different metallization thicknesses can be printed by this selective technology. Therefore, power and logic structures can simply be realized on the same board area. This offers completely new possibilities for denser or miniaturized board designs.  Fraunhofer IKTS offers thick printed copper paste systems for alumina and aluminum nitride for layer thicknesses up to 300 µm. The paste systems additionally include customized via fill pastes for substrate thicknesses up to 630 µm.